Thinking up a unique and relevant domain name for your hosting website or blog can be daunting. Why? The most valuable domain names are scarce. In fact, if you perform a domain name search availability right now, you’re likely to be met with ‘’expired domain’’ or ‘’ domain already taken’’ tag. Luckily, the internet is laden with domain name generators that can cut you some slack. These are the 6 best domain name generators you can leverage.

  • Business name generator – For generating business domain names and performing domain search availability

This is a Shopify domain name generation tool. Business name generator allows you to search out business names and perform domain search availability in less than 10 seconds. You can get all sorts of domain names here, including cheap domains.

  • Name Mesh – An easy way to generate new generation and cheap domains

Name Mesh is a cool tool to ensure your domain name is interesting, SEO friendly and brandable. It retains the word you first typed in and automatically generates a short prefix or suffix such as exTechnology. It also gives you an array of unique and authentic words. The tool also presents to you with available TLDs like .com, .net and .org, and maintains short words for superior value.

  • Lean domain search – Find great domain names for your hosting website or blog

Lean Domain search was launched in 2012 by Matt Mazur. Helps you find simple and authentic domain names for your website in less than 10 seconds. Lean domain search achieves this by pairing your search phrases with other keywords commonly contained in domain names. It then shows you which ones to register.

  • Wordoid – Perform domain search availability easily

Wordoid is a cool tool to help you pick out short and catchy domain name for your hosting website or blog. You can find both expensive and cheap domain names here. Wordoid comes in various languages. It also comes with three levels of quality: High, medium, low. High-quality level resembles the original words of the chosen language.

  • GoSpaces – A Shopify-owned brand to generate both expensive and cheap domains

GoSpaces allows you to search out your preferred domain name in less than ten seconds. The fact that it’s tethered to Shopify provides a convenient means to set up your online store and start selling instantly and effortlessly.

  • Dot-O-Meter

Dot-O-Meter is a very simple domain name generator tool to use. Simple enter your preferred keyword in the search box and choose your preferred endings. It also allows you to key in your own endings. Then click to combine them. If you come across a name you like, you can perform its domain search availability or better yet save it to your scratch board.

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