The trends in domain name generation have become more inclusive of everyday evolving language. For example, using misspellings, phonetic variations, merged portmanteau (the meshing of names to create a new name or word) or adding suffixes like ish, ism and ly is now widely accepted in domain name generation.

One thing that becomes very clear for people looking for domain names is that your dream domain name is not one-of-a-kind brand. However, with domain name generation tools it is much easier to find a replacement name that will still work well for your online business.

Tips for finding cheap domain names ideas for your online enterprise

Use keywords: Keywords pertinent to your business are very instrumental in providing your preferred domain name. You can key in some keywords on the domain name generator, and the tool will give you a combination of domain names available.

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Perform random searches: Random searches have their place in finding domain name ideas. Most domain name generators like Bust a Name have the option for making random searches to see what is available. Others like Domainhole provide specific random search tools like complete or bulk searches to make the search even deeper and more thorough.

Expired domain names: Sometimes you are lucky, and the domain name of your choice is available because it’s registration by the previous owner is about to expire. You can grab expiring domain names by placing a backorder/bid on the name before it expires.  This can be done during an auction service facilitated by the domain name registrar.

Resold domain names: Many entities buy and resell domain names for a profit. Because the domain name industry is a competitive one, you may find several perfect options available in the hands of people willing to sell them for an affordable rate.

The advantages of using domain name generators in the search for a domain name

Not only do they allow you to shorten the process of finding a domain name for your online business, but they also provide you with exceptional tools to use for the search. These include but are not limited to the

  • Name spinner tool
  • Instant availability check tool
  • Domain alerts tool
  • Brainstormer tool
  • Expired domain search tool

All the above tools ensure you have an in depth search that covers all possible avenues of finding a name.

The key to getting a good domain name lies in being flexible and creative. While you may find your favored domain name taken, using a domain name generator can give you great alternatives making the process far easier and more creative than it has ever been.


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