Business owners today are more focused on building a formidable audience with unique commonalities and broadening their bottom-line. They can best achieve this by establishing a strong online presence through setting up blogs or websites and optimizing their social media pages. However, the key to blog or website success starts with superior content. Excellent content includes searching out for topics that are unique (least explored), appealing, entertaining, engaging and vastly relate to your audience.

How do you choose a unique topic that stirs interest and engagement? Here’s a rundown:

Choose a niche you’re passionate about for your hosting website or blog

This should be the first step even before setting up your hosting website or blog. You have a greater chance at success if you choose a topic you’re passionate about and have experienced in, for example, technology, health, travel and so on. Choosing a niche will allow you to write naturally and also establish you as an authority in your domain. People love to follow blogs and websites that offer real value to their lives, and niche writers offer just that.

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Choose the least explored topic that resonates with your domain name for your hosting website or blog

After choosing a niche you’re passionate about, choose a unique topic. Always strive to find topics that are least explored or not explored at all. You can save yourself the hassle of scavenging the internet to find unique topics by leveraging topic idea generation tools such as or Feedly Reader. These tools are advantageous since they reveal trending, high-engagement and high-conversion topics that will help take your business to the next level. Also, the chosen topic should resonate with your domain name to enable customers to find you easily. A domain search availability act should bring you a wide range of choices. Always go for new generation domain names because they have high recall value and tend to rank high on Google.

The chosen topic should have long-term appeal to supercharge your hosting website or blog

The secret to success in blogging is to choose evergreen topics. An evergreen topic is one that can endure the test of time. This means the topic will still be relevant six months, one year or even five years from now. An evergreen topic is essential for the long term profitability of your business.

Look at the competition and get hosting tips

Find out how much competition is out there in relation to your chosen topic. For instance, consider other related hosting websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, Facebook pages and so on. Follow what they are doing and come out with something completely unique to stay ahead of them. Also, when choosing a hosting company for your blog or website, find those that offer valuable hosting tips to ensure smooth web hosting.

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