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How to increase your website conversion? Here are 4 effective tips, every hosting provider should use for maximizing the website conversion!

It is a well-known fact that attracting new visitors and customers is a challenging and expensive task for the web hosting service providers. That is why it is essential not to lose your current customers when they have already visited your website.

In this article, we are going to present the best solution to this problem and provide you with the best 4 tips and tricks for hosting business on how to maximize website conversion rate and reach new potential customers. Shopify is one of the best host domains in the industry and should be taken as an example for great service!

What is the Problem: Low Conversion and High Bounce Rate

As a website owner, you could probably notice that after some marketing strategy, event or campaign you get new visitors to the site, you feel excited, but the end result is always the same – the visitors are leaving your website without reading your content, without going to one other page to look for more information, and without registration. It is really frustrating and annoying. So, before you may any further marketing campaigns, ensure your website is ready to welcome new traffic and new customers.

Bounce rate is the percentage of traffic who visit your site and then leave without viewing other web pages or register. Conversion occurs when someone makes an action on your site that you have identified as essential to your business, such as leaving a nice request to utilize any of your web hosting services.

A low conversion and a high bounce rate can be caused by various factors such as site design, description of your service, site performance, navigation, and etc. The simplest way to track your conversion and bounce rate is to use Google Analytics.

4 Tips to Increase Website Conversion

• Value Proposition

In order to attract the customer’s attention, you need to first answer these 3 main questions – what do you offer, can your product solve customers’ problems, and why your solution is better than others. Once you answer these questions you will be able to improve and present the value you offer!

• Product Portfolio

If you want to be competitive in web hosting business, as a web hosting service provider you need to follow the latest trends on the market and the demands of customers. Do as much as possible, until you step out from the crowd. Here are some trend services you can offer to your clients – Container as a Service, Docker containers, Platform as a Service, Managed DevOps services, HA and DR across multiple data centers, SaaS marketplace, and etc.

• Smart Segmentation and Targeting

You need to make a segmentation of your site visitors and make a unique value proposition for each one of your users. We recommend you to divide your target users and separate them due to the possible segments and create a separate landing page for each user segment with a specific offering.

• Testimonials

– The testimonials and comments allow to use the customer’s language on your website to explain what your product is, why your product is so great, and how they can use it. It is proven that visitors really read comments, feedbacks, and testimonials and usually most of the visitors take these testimonials pretty seriously, which means it is important to have some on your website.


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